MWF President Address

Dear athletes,distinguished guests

On behalf of the Federation of wrestling sports of Macedonia allow me to welcome all participants at the European Championships for juniors and express our gratitude to the FILA World Wrestling Federation and its President Mr. Nenad Lalovic; European wrestling federation CELA and its president Mr. Ceno Cenev; and the other guests who contributed Macedonia to be the organizer of the Junior European Championships.
Dear participants Our country and its capital Skopje are offering hospitality and welcome the youth from across Europe.
I am truly convinced that this important sporting event allows people to meet and make new friendships among the best promising wrestling athletes of Europe.
In the Republic of Macedonia and the city of Skopje, we tried to create conditions to make you feel comfortable, create new friendship and demonstrate your qualities in the sport which has a rich tradition in our country.
Personally I wish the participants success in competitions which must go on in a spirit of fair play, and to the organizers lot of success in their work.

Cedo Nikolovski